Empowering Canadians through education is a team effort

We partner with organizations who believe in the power of education and share our beliefs of making post-secondary education accessible.

The CST Foundation provides funding to organizations across Canada through initiatives like the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project and multiyear partnership opportunities.

Through these partnerships, we enable local programs to have a meaningful impact on lower-income families and their communities by improving access to post-secondary education.

Together, we can impact every Canadian through better educational opportunities.

We support organizations and programs that:

Partner with us and support equitable access to post-secondary education

We are looking to build relationships with organizations who are interested in building a collaborative partnership where we can make progress towards a common goal; a Canada where all learners receive the support that they need to realize their full potential.

Mapping our impact
A diverse network coast-to-coast-to coast

We work with dozens of organizations based throughout Canada. We believe collaborating with organizations across the country is essential to improve educational outcomes for lower-income families in Canada.