Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation in Partnership with Rideau Hall Foundation

Innovation. It's what helps make the impossible possible. It provides hope in times of uncertainty and inspires us to dream big and defy the odds.

Having an innovative mindset is critical not only for our success but our survival as we help each other through global crises. Now more than ever, resilience through innovation is needed as world events shape future careers where critical skills, rapid learning and rapid innovation will make amazing things happen. Today’s students will need to be prepared to create, and our educational institutions will need to provide them with the right skills to become great innovators and global citizens!

In today’s rapidly evolving world, we believe that Canadian learning and innovation can and will have a positive social impact. Whether a future career involves navigating a global health crisis or finding solutions to societies most pressing issues, fostering a culture of innovation means improving our ideas, thinking and way of life. This partnership with the Rideau Hall Foundation celebrates not just people who are using innovation for good, but also 21st century skills that make their work possible and that will become increasingly important. Those skills include creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, citizenship, communication, and character. Education will be the key to growing these skills and creating a space for Canadians to push forward and create in a world of unknowns.

Inspired Innovators

Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is partnering with the Rideau Hall Foundation to celebrate Governor General’s Innovation Award laureates and past CST Graduate Award recipients who are following in their footsteps as they prepare themselves for an ever-evolving world. The award laureates and recipients exhibit key skills across various disciplines and industries that are important in navigating an ever-changing world where learning and innovation go hand in hand. We call this group Inspired Innovators.

Meet the CST Inspired Innovators 
  • Dr. Garnette Sutherland and Hunster Yang
  • Dr Ron and Dr. Marianne Ignace, Audra Renyi, and Kristina Springer
  • Jad Saliba and Elizabeth Paradis
  • Sweet Dreams and Grace Jin
  • Dr. Joelle Pineau and Zoe Clarke
  • SmartICE, David Brown and Jacky Deng

Learn more about CST Foundation’s partnership with RHF here.

Hunster Yang and Dr. Garnette Sutherland

Innovating with Character

Learn more about what happens when grit and perseverance meet science and technology.

Zoe Clarke and Dr. Joelle Pineau

Innovating with Creativity

Learn more about what happens when we push the envelope of our own understanding.

About Rideau Hall Foundation

The Rideau Hall Foundation is an independent and non-political charitable organization established to mobilize ideas, people, and resources across the country to tap into our national spirit and help realize our shared aspirations. The RHF works closely with many partners, including the Office of the Governor General, to connect, honour, and inspire Canadians across four key programmatic areas, including: (1) learning initiatives that strive for excellence and promote equality of opportunity; (2) strengthening Canada’s culture of innovation, (3) widening the circle of giving and volunteering; and (4) building and celebrating excellence in Canadian leadership, and increasing public awareness about and commitment to Canada’s multi-faceted democracy.