The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CSTF) has proudly awarded $203,000 to 26 Canadian students to support their continued academic ambition. For the past 12 months, students have faced unprecedented circumstances in their education journeys. As the second half of a challenging school year begins, the students showcased in the video here are showing resilience as they find their paths to build a better future for Canadians. And, in a year that provided many unexpected challenges, CST is especially thrilled to award seventeen students each with $10,000 to pursue graduate studies, and a total of $33,000 to nine very deserving high school graduates to pursue their chosen post-secondary program.

Each year, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation provides students with awards, scholarships and bursaries to help make education accessible because CST believes that every Canadian should have sufficient financial resources to pursue post-secondary education. The pandemic has had an incredible impact on people across Canada and has exponentially impacted students and people in lower income brackets. So, CST is proud to recognize young, gifted Canadians who have shown how much can be achieved, even in times of challenge.

“Not only are these students working to achieve a bright future for themselves, they’re advocating for change within their communities,” said Sherry MacDonald, President and CEO of CST. “Nearly half of this year’s students noted how COVID-19 impacted the affordability of their school year. CST’s mission is to make education accessible for Canadian families, and we are proud to support the academic dreams of these future leaders.”

Showing Resilience in a Challenging Year

2020 Graduate Award Winner, Franchesca Dizon is pursuing a career in speech therapy and language pathology to help those who have difficulty communicating. She was excited to be accepted into a specialized program, but worried that she wouldn’t be able to pursue the opportunity because of the financial impact of COVID-19. “There was the financial stress knowing I wasn’t able to work and that I had loans to pay off now, with more coming for the future,” said Dizon. “It was getting to the point that I wasn’t even excited to get into my program anymore and I wondered if it was even worth it. So, once I got the news that I had won the award, it took off the financial stress and it’s been so helpful knowing that I have a little extra. It made me refocus and have a positive outlook on my graduate studies again.”

2020 Bursary Winner, Pierre Dushime is on a path to become a lawyer and fight for legal rights on behalf of Canadian immigrants. “It has given me a sort of confidence,” said Dushime. “Receiving a bursary indicates that someone in Canada believes in my dream and believes in refugee and immigrant dreams. This bursary really alleviated some of the stress with the expenses and finances related to law school. It’s allowing me to concentrate on my studies and not worry about where I will find funds for books and tuition. It also allows me to continue to serve the community through volunteering.”

CST’s History of Championing Education

Established in 1984, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation Graduate Award program recognizes and rewards Canadian students each year who have demonstrated financial need, determination, academic achievement and community-mindedness.

Since its inception, CSTF has awarded more than $2 million to 310 of CST’s RESP beneficiaries. Each of the awards has been named after the organization’s founders, board members and inspiring CST leaders to honour their contribution and support.

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About the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

Founded in 1960, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to helping Canadian families better access post-secondary education. Through philanthropy, discovery, advocacy and by sponsoring the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans to help families save for post-secondary education, CST continues to deliver on its mission. The Foundation rewards hard working and community minded Canadian students through scholarships, bursaries and awards programs. CST has helped over 800,000 students achieve their post-secondary dreams.

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