The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation (CSTF) has proudly awarded $250,000 to 35 Canadian students who are determined to access post-secondary education through is 2021 Awards and Bursaries program. As a reflection of CSTF’s commitment to making post-secondary education accessible, this year’s program supports access to higher learning for first-generation students whose financial need may make it difficult for them to continue their studies. CST is thrilled to award 10 of its beneficiaries with $10,000 each to continue their education through another post-secondary program and $6,000 each to 25 very deserving high school graduates.

“CST’s vision is a Canada where all learners receive the support they need to realize their full potential,” said Peter Lewis, Vice President of the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation. “Now more than ever, we are committed to providing equitable access to post-secondary education and are determined to help those who need it most.”

Research has shown that first-generation students often have to overcome a variety of challenges to achieve higher learning which is why CST is inspired by this year’s winners who are the first in their families to attend post-secondary education.

2021 Founders’ award winner, Tasha-Aliya Kara is pursuing a Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioural Health. “This award means so much more to me than financial freedom,” said Kara. “I want to contribute to a more equitable health care system. It’s clear that CST recognizes where these gaps are and by supporting me, they are ultimately helping to create equitable solutions for future generations.” This year’s Founders’ award winners are showcased in the video here.

2021 Bursary award winner Alviya Siddiqui hopes to one day become a doctor. “Winning this award has fueled my enthusiasm to pursue higher education,” said Siddiqui. “My parents immigrated to Canada to provide me with a better future. All their hard work has inspired me to make a difference in my community. This award is like a bridge connecting me to my future.” This year’s Bursary award winners are showcased in the video here.

The Canadian Scholarship Foundation is honoured to have awarded more than $2 million to students through its’ awards program over its history. In 2021, the Awards and Bursaries program has been adapted to reach more students, and support Canadians whose financial need may make it difficult for them to continue their studies.

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About The Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

Founded in 1960, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to helping Canadian families better access post-secondary education. Through philanthropy, discovery, advocacy and by sponsoring the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans to help families save for post-secondary education, CST continues to deliver on its mission. The Foundation rewards hard working and community minded Canadian students through its awards and bursaries program. CST has helped over 800,000 students achieve their post-secondary dreams.