CST is set to deliver $248,000 worth of awards and bursaries to Canadian students entering post-secondary education. 

TORONTO, ON – March 11, 2024 – The CST Foundation announced today that it is now accepting applications for its 2024 Awards and Bursaries program. This year, CST is set to deliver $248,000 worth of awards and bursaries for students pursuing post-secondary studies for the first time. Applications will remain open until Friday, April 26, 2024.  

The Founders’ Awards support students who have benefited from a Canadian Scholarship Trust RESP and are entering in post-secondary undergraduate studies. This year, we will award 14 Founders’ Awards valued at $7,000 each.

The CST Foundation Bursaries are awarded to students who require financial assistance to access post-secondary education for the first time. From university degrees to apprenticeships, all Canadian post-secondary education programs are eligible for bursaries. We offer 25 Bursaries valued at $6,000 each.

“The expansion of our 2024 Awards program allows us to reach more Canadians while continuing to increase our impact on access to post-secondary education for under-represented youth,” said Sherry MacDonald, President and CEO. “Our Awards and Bursaries program is just one way CST continues to deliver on its mission.”

CST partnered with myBlueprint to help raise awareness of this opportunity with eligible students.

To apply for a CST Founders’ Award: click here

To apply for a CST Bursary Award:  click here

For more details about the CST’s awards program, visit: cstfoundation.ca/student-awards


About the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation

Founded in 1960, the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation is dedicated to helping Canadian families access post-secondary education. Through philanthropy, discovery, advocacy and by sponsoring the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans to help families save for post-secondary education, CST continues to deliver on its mission. The Foundation rewards hard working and community minded Canadian students through scholarships, bursaries and awards programs. CST has helped over 800,000 students achieve their post-secondary dreams.